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4 Signs to Look for When Buying a Home in a Kid-friendly Neighbourhood

If you have children, or plan to have kids in the future, it is a good idea to purchase a home within a kid-friendly community. This will put you in close proximity of schools, daycares, parks, theaters, and a variety of fun attractions. Sometimes the signs aren’t as obvious as buyers want them to be, but when they make a list of what’s important for their family, they can typically find a location that offers most of those features and attractions. Take a look at some of the signs to look for when searching for a new home in a family-friendly neighbourhood.


This is one of the most common factors that buyers look for whether they have children, or want to avoid areas full of homeowners who do. If you want to know if a neighbourhood is family-friendly, you should research the schools in that area, from daycares, elementary schools, and so on. The rankings of the school shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but the school’s test scores, teacher profiles, and its overall reputation matter. When searching for a daycare, take a look at the enrolment status; this will help buyers gauge if the area is full of homeowners with children.

Street Activity

It goes without saying that buyers should avoid homes on busy streets if they have young children. The best choices are homes built on flat grounds, in quiet and calm neighbourhoods. A house in a cul-de-sac is always a good choice. The area should have a place where children can play ball, ride their bikes safely, and participate in other activities that kids enjoy. In addition to busy streets, buyers with younger children should avoid purchasing homes that sit on a hill, or streets that have a blind curve. Although it is ultimately a parent’s responsibility to teach their children to look both ways when crossing the road, and to avoid dashing in and out of the street, buyers can make this a little easier by accessing the street activity prior to making a purchase.

Well Maintained Common Areas

This includes swimming pools, parks, bike trails, and recreation areas that are well-maintained and safe. Look for homes in areas that have pedestrian bridges nearby. These bridges typically connect neighbourhoods to each other, in addition to local parks and schools. The home that you choose should have a lot of green space that your children can play in. The green space will also give buyers an opportunity to read in the backyard while enjoying the fresh air. Keep in mind that green spaces can help develop the creativity and imagination of the youth, which leads to contentment for kids and their parents.


If the neighbourhood is family-friendly, the community will advertise it. As a buyer, you should take a look at the advertisements and events for local businesses and attractions. For example, see if the parks have advertisements for youth sporting events. Check out the local restaurants to determine if the venues are geared more towards a kid-less crowd, or if they provide a family-friendly atmosphere. Be sure to research the events taking place in the area, from theatre plays, traveling kid acts, and more.

As a buyer, you shouldn’t stress over finding the perfect neighbourhood; instead, do some research and be sure to drive through the area a few times. Stop into the businesses and check out the local features. If the neighbourhood has any of the signs listed above, your children will probably be just as excited about the move as you are. They will have access to the things that they need, in addition to some of the attractions that they want. Remember that when the kids are happy, everyone is happy!

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