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4 Ways Local Job Opportunities Can Entice Buyers

Countless people move into a new home each year, for different reasons. Some people move because they need more space, while others move to be near their family and friends. Most of the time homeowners move to another community or location because of work-related reasons. Their employer may be relocating, they received a job opportunity in another town, or they are trying to find a good job with a new business. If there are big businesses in your community, or new and exciting job opportunities, you should highlight that in your home’s listing.

Take a look at some of the ways that local job opportunities can attract potential buyers.


Higher Earnings

There is nothing bad about earning more money, especially for individuals doing the same job and receiving lower pay. Buyers will research a company to see if its salaries are above average. They want to receive more earnings to pay for their regular expenses that could include a mortgage, association fees, taxes, utility bills, and home features, such as a swimming pool. If you live near a successful company that offers its employees higher earnings, you may be able to entice buyers to make the move into your community, and ultimately, purchase your home. When creating a listing, be sure to highlight that your property is near successful businesses and include those company names.



Many communities are established because of a large corporation or various companies that decide to move their businesses to that specific location. Do some research and learn if your home was one of the properties built after a business moved into the area. If so, you can use this information to your advantage when marketing your home. Discuss how your property has been around as long as the local business you are highlighting. Mention how many of the employees of big businesses in the area choose to live in your neighbourhood because of proximity, community, and property value.

The objective is to tie your home to the business in a legitimate way. A successful business can make your home feel like a stable investment to potential home buyers.


Great Community Environment

When big businesses are located in a great community, this could be a selling point for homeowners. Often, the business has charity events, festivals, and other family-friendly activities that the community can enjoy. If there is a local business that is passionate about community inclusion, be sure to mention that company in your listing. Remember that some employees will base their relocation decision on the type of environment a neighbourhood offers. If they feel the community environment is less than great, those applicants and employees may turn down an offer or commute, instead of purchasing a new home in the area. So this could be used as a selling point for homeowners.


Timing is Everything

Big brands do not decide to come to a location overnight; there is often a lot of thought and planning that takes place before the decision is made. As a homeowner, you should be up-to-date on any local happenings in your community, which includes new businesses. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to place your home on the market, the arrival of a new business could be just what you need to get your home sold. It is a good idea to get your property ready as soon as the announcement is made, because future employees of the business will begin their home search almost immediately.


Almost all companies establish marketing teams to attract top talent and loyal customers, in order to stay in business. This could include offering higher wages, more benefits, and highlighting an inclusive community. As a seller, you should take advantage of the marketing strategies that a company uses and apply it to your selling techniques. Remember that even if you don’t work for any of the local businesses, you can still use these companies to attract buyers.

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