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4 Ways to Attract Serious Buyers to Your Home

There is nothing more frustrating to sellers than spending a lot of time working with buyers who do not end up purchasing their home. They have not only wasted a lot of time and effort, they have likely turned away buyers who may have been more motivated and qualified. As a seller, you want to attract serious buyers to your home, increasing your odds of selling the property. Take a look at some of the tips that you can use to make your home more appealing to motivated buyers.


Use a Lock Box

Although it is important to have open houses during the week and on the weekend, serious buyers will generally want to have easy access to a home, when it comes to viewing the property. With a lock box, your home can be shown by a sales representative at any time, without you needing to be present. She can deliver reports to you after she has shown the home, giving you important updates. Using a lock box will prevent you from having to leave work or an event early, in order to let the potential buyers and sales representative in. Giving easy access could also prevent you from losing a serious buyer.


Strong Marketing

Sellers need to know who their target audience is and develop a strategy to attract those buyers. Some buyers prefer to receive emails, while others will rely on social media or real estate blogs to learn about new homes on the market. You should consider advertising in housing magazines or weekly newspapers. You can also check with local business owners to see if they have boards or other advertising options that you can utilize. This will allow you to target local buyers, and visitors, who are familiar with the area and want to buy property in town. Keep in mind that the better your marketing strategy, the more buyers you will attract with your listing.


Special Offers

Ask your sales representative if a limited time offer on the home is a good idea. This could include special gifts, such as new furniture, gift certificates to local retailers or restaurants, or free cleaning services for a year. Another special offer that sellers may consider to attract serious buyers is prepaying the sales taxes or homeowner’s insurance for one year. When you provide these offers for a limited time, you may attract buyers who want to close on the deal quickly, before the offer vanishes. After all, most people are always looking for a deal.


Create Clear and Credible Ads

Experienced buyers will know when you are overselling your property, so don’t do it! You never want to state that your home has something when it doesn’t; this could turn buyers away. You could also be given a bad reputation, making it difficult for you to sell properties in the future. Therefore, your advertisements need to be clear and accurate. Be honest when listing the square footage of the home, the amount of rooms, and when detailing some of the property’s top features. If you create a clear and credible listing, you can attract serious buyers who will likely make an offer. They know exactly what they are looking for in a home, and if your listing has most of those things, you could attract them to the property.


The first step in the selling process is learning how to attract buyers. These tips will not guarantee that your home sells quickly, or at your original asking price; however, these are methods that could make the selling process a little easier, especially as it pertains to attracting motivated and serious buyers. You should always speak with a qualified sales representative to make sure you have the best marketing plan in action, and to go over your asking price, selling expectations, and more.

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