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Benefits of Buying an HOA Home

Benefits of Buying an HOA Home


HOA is the abbreviation used for a home owners' association, which is an organization designed to assist those who own homes in a specific neighborhood or community. You'll find similar organizations when shopping for a condo in buildings in downtown cities too. Though HOA groups are less common in Canada than in other parts of North America, these groups often exist in major cities and in up and coming areas. You can learn about the benefits of HOA homes before you buy a property in one of these neighborhoods.



When buying a home in an up and coming neighborhood, you might worry about your safety as well as the safety of your family and any visitors. Buying a home with an HOA nearby will help you feel safer. Many of these neighborhoods have security guards who regularly patrol the streets and look for signs of trouble. Some HOA neighborhoods have gates out front too that require visitors and guests to sign in before entering. This prevents robbers and others from entering the community and doing damage to your home or stealing from you.


Storm Clean Up

Even the smallest of storms can do more damage than you ever expected. That is why many like buying HOA homes. They know that these associations will offer help when it comes to cleaning up after a storm. The HOA may do things like clean ice and snow off the streets, remove downed tree lines in front of your home and clean up garbage that blew across the neighborhood for free. Many of these organizations have partnerships with local companies that let you get any more serious repairs that you need for a discounted rate.


Regular Maintenance

You also get the benefit of having regular maintenance done on your property and seeing maintenance done around the neighborhood during the year too. When the weather is cooler, the organization will hire companies to plow the streets of snow and clear ice off of sidewalks. In the warmer season, your HOA may take care of any plants in shared areas and water any greenery in the neighborhood. A home owners' organization will often handle maintenance like mowing of common areas too.


Peace and Quiet

Buying a home in a neighborhood that is loud and unruly can make you feel like you bought the wrong home. Those noises might come from neighbors who love throwing wild parties in the middle of the week, teenagers and young people who roam the streets in larger groups and small children who love nothing more than standing outside and screaming as they play. When you buy a home in an HOA neighborhood, you can enjoy more peace and quiet. Many of these neighborhoods have quiet times that run from late at night to early in the morning. Others have noise ordinances and will actually fine residents for breaking any of these ordinances.


Have a Say

The biggest benefit of buying an HOA home for some is that they actually have a say in what happens around them. These neighborhoods have a board that consists of local residents. Residents have the chance to vote on who sits on that board at least once a year. Anyone living in that community can bring up their concerns and worries during meetings that usually happen once a month. The board votes on changes and allows residents to have a say in those changes. Once you look at all these benefits, you may find that you prefer buying in an HOA neighborhood than buying a home anywhere else in Canada.

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