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Buying a Smaller Home and Storage Solutions for Every Room

If you are looking for a small home to fit into your budget, you may be concerned about storage. If you visualize how to organize and store items in a potential home, sometimes this helps during decision time. Keeping clutter organized is necessary to feel good in the spaces your new home provides.


The Kitchen

If your kitchen is small, there are many storage solutions to stay organized and functional. Hang your pots from the ceiling or on a wall rack to save cupboard space. There are also wall racks for spices and towels.


The Bathroom

Cupboards, racks and baskets help keep things organized in bathrooms. Store bathroom items in storage containers labelled with names to accommodate everyone in a small bathroom. Keep these containers in closets or stacked under a sink.


An Office

Your office should give you room to work without distractions. Desks with drawers and shelving will help with staying organized. You can also line walls with cabinets with doors to keep everything out of site, instead of open bookcases. A paper shredder can eliminate extra bulk in your filing cabinet.



Organize a bedroom with items that serve many purposes. A bed with storage drawers will eliminate a dresser. A bookcase headboard can get rid of the need for a nightstand. Toys and personal items can hide away in closets or under a bed in labelled bins. You may also find beds that lift up for under-bed storage. Desks that attach to a wall and fold down when you aren't using them help conserve space as well. Almost any item purchased for leisure can come with hidden storage to stay organized and save space.


Dining Area

A dining table with drawers or shelving under it can save space in the kitchen. Store your hand towels, napkins and even dishes on the shelves. You can also opt for benches instead of chairs that have storage.


Living Areas

If you want a guest area in a small home, try a converting a bed to a couch. Add pillows to the bed and enjoy a comfortable place to sit too! A dresser is an alternative to a TV stand. Place electronics on top of the dresser, then use the drawers for clothing and blankets. An ottoman works well as a toy chest, extra seating or a table.



A storage unit might be necessary to keep your space organized. Heirloom furniture, holiday items and off-season clothing can all be stored for many months, making your home more livable.



Get rid of the things you don't need. Let your REALTOR® know how much space you need after you declutter. Create bins for donations, family and trash so you can go through each room and get rid of things you don't use.


Furnishings can help solve storage and organizational issues one may have with purchasing a small home. Your new home should feel functional and comfortable with plenty of places to store items out of the way. Unique ideas and personal touches can turn a house into a lovely and organized place to live.

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