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Designing a Creative Space in Your New Home

Creating a space in a home that is great for creativity is important! Comfort isn't the only characteristic a home should convey. A new home should have a space that is all about you and what you love to do creatively. While you may not have an extra room or a large space for being creative, finding the space is the key to having a creative center that celebrates you.


Find the Creative Space

If you are still looking for a home, you can communicate with your REALTOR® that you want to have a creative space in your new home. They can help you find little nooks or basement areas that work well for the work you want to do. This knowledge may also help them find a home that fits you or your hobbies well.

If you already own your home, finding the space for creativity may be daunting. Look for areas in rooms that aren't used often. This may be a bedroom or kitchen table that isn't used. While spaces in your home may not look traditional, being functional is sometimes more important. Many times people buy homes with formal areas they rarely use. Even when they entertain, these spaces aren't used because it is less comfortable. Turning a dining room or library into a creative studio isn't the "norm" but it is something that will make you feel good if that is your creative outlet. Many people like playing music. Space in a basement, garage, or in a guest room for music lessons and practice is great for everyone in the family.

If you have two dining areas, keep your large dining area and turn the second area into a writer's nook or craft nook for the whole family. You may also enjoy board games and want to turn part of your living area or office into a place for regular board game fun, or to set up a puzzle for everyone to contribute piecing together.


Colours and Mood

If you plan on establishing a permanent area for your creative space. Painting and decorating can help everyone feel energized to participate. Three colours will create a space with a dominant colour (walls and major components), a secondary colour (furnishings and small items), and a vibrant accent colour. Once you have your colours planned, you can combine them in furnishings, fabrics and trim on the walls. Have fun experiencing different colours and find the ones that make you feel energized and ready to create.



Choose furniture for your creative space that is functional for your hobbies. If you love crafts, get a nice craft table or desk with storage so you can stay organized. If you love painting, find a cart that is easy to move and holds all of your supplies. A glass top for tables and desks are great for cleaning up messy projects. You can also create your own shop furnishings that have many functions for the items you like to create.


Personalizing Your Space

If you have guests in your new home, displaying your creative space is a great way to put your personality on stage. You may have a unique home that relates directly to who you are and what you like to do in your spare time. This makes for interesting conversation and potentially new people to create with you.

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