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Nine Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

More homeowners are learning the value of staying home during their free time rather than going to expensive restaurants. To have the most enjoyable meals during the summer, property owners are choosing to upgrade a home's backyard to make it easier to prepare meals for their families or their guests. More home improvement stores are featuring the items required for having an outdoor kitchen that makes it faster to have barbecues. Here is what you need to do to a home's backyard to have a fantastic outdoor kitchen this summer.


Creating a Plan

You must have a plan to create an outdoor kitchen at your home. Things to consider are having a source of fresh water along with having electricity for the appliances in the outdoor kitchen. You may also need access to natural gas lines to work some types of equipment. Make sure to understand the local building codes for adding an outdoor kitchen to your home's backyard.


Customized or Ready-made Kits

Home improvement stores have ready-made kits for outdoor kitchens, and you can find an assortment of sizes that are suitable for your backyard. However, you may prefer having a customized outdoor kitchen, and you can hire an architect who can design the perfect outdoor space for your home's backyard.


Walls, Foundation and a Roof

One of the best things about an outdoor kitchen is that it is a safe place that is out of the direct sunlight. The outdoor kitchen will have a cement foundation along with open walls and a sturdy roof. You can add rugs to the floors along with painting the walls to create the perfect ambience for your cookouts.


A Way to Cook Foods

In addition to having a grill to cook meats or vegetables, you may want to have a traditional oven to bake bread or potatoes. If you want to prepare foods faster, then you should install a microwave. It is vital to install these items correctly so that the appliances are protected from foul weather conditions or theft.


A Refrigerator and a Freezer

Rather than carrying meat and other food items from your house, you should install a freezer and refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen. This is also a great place to store the beverages that you will need while eating a meal.


Countertops and a Sink

If you have a countertop and a sink at your outdoor kitchen, then you can chop vegetables and wash dishes quickly while preparing a meal. Your sink should have a faucet with hot and cold running water, so you can install pipes underneath the sink along with a point-of-use water heater.


Lighting for Evening Entertaining

When you want to use your outdoor kitchen during the evening, you must have outdoor lighting on the ceiling of the space. You can also have solar-powered light strands along the pillars of the open walls or the edge of the roof.


Climate-control Devices for the Outdoor Kitchen

When you want to have additional air circulation at your outdoor kitchen, you can install ceiling fans. Alternatively, if you want to use the outdoor kitchen on a cooler day, then you should have a patio heater installed.


Chairs and Tables

You might want to have picnic tables in your outdoor kitchen, or you might prefer having smaller tables with chairs that you can move from one location to another in only a few minutes. You can also use patio furniture such as chaises or couches that are upholstered with waterproof fabrics.

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