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Six Tips for Creating a Relaxing Master Bedroom in Your Home

Are you ignoring the condition of your master bedroom so that you can invest in the areas of your home that guests might see? If you are, then you aren’t treating yourself in the best way. You spend a large portion of each day or night in your bedroom, trying to get restful sleep to maintain your mental and physical well-being. In order to have a soothing ambience in your master bedroom, you should create a restful environment. Here are some tips for making your home’s bedroom a relaxing place.


Focus on the Bed in Your Master Bedroom

Make sure to focus on the bed for your master bedroom by taking the time to buy a supportive mattress and box springs. In addition, select a sturdy bed frame that will last for many years. Next, choose bedding that helps you to relax and stay warm during the cold temperatures of winter. Some of the things that you need for your bed are sheets, comforters and blankets along with pillows. You may need heavier bedding for the winter and lighter weight bedding for the summer.


Room-darkening Blinds or Draperies

If you try to sleep in a dark room, then you will go to sleep faster and remain asleep. In addition to turning off your computer and television to reduce the lighting in your bedroom, you should also have room-darkening blinds or draperies. These items will block the lights from your neighbor’s porch light, streetlights and vehicle headlights. When you have heavy draperies, it can also reduce the noise in your bedroom so that you can sleep better.


Keep Your Bedroom Organized

Don’t use your bedroom as a storage area because the clutter will make it difficult for you to relax. Organize your bedroom’s closets so that you can close the doors to hide clutter, and also, avoid keeping things stacked on the chest of drawers and nightstand in your bedroom. Maintain your bedroom’s clutter by organizing once a week along with dusting the furniture and vacuuming the floor.


Choose a Soothing Color for the Walls of Your Master Bedroom

Select a soothing color for the walls of your master bedroom rather than choosing a bright or dark paint that creates an energetic feeling. Look for paint samples at your local home improvement store to bring home to look at in different types of lighting. While choosing a paint color for your bedroom, consider the types of bedding that you can find that will look great with this color.


Use Carpeting or Rugs on the Floors of Your Master Bedroom

If you want to avoid excess noise in your master bedroom, then have carpeting or rugs on the floor. The soft and thick fibers in these items can absorb the noise from neighbors or the traffic from outside your home. You will also appreciate having a warm place to walk on a cold morning rather than walking on cold floor tiles.


Use Essential Oil Products in Your Master Bedroom

Aromatherapy can create a relaxing atmosphere in your master bedroom, and you can use essential oil products for cleaning, or alternatively, you can burn aromatic candles. Choose the essential oils that are known for having relaxing qualities, including:


• Bergamot orange

• Roman chamomile

• Lavender

• Clary sage

• Valerian

• Sweet marjoram


Look for an electric diffuser that you can fill with essential and carrier oils to use in your bedroom to help you relax and sleep better.

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